Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4

It's a FPS game where you play to find the truth regarding your identity

Ubisoft Entertainment is known for their long-standing game series, one of which is the action milestone Far Cry. Ever since 2004 open-world first-person shooters of this series have been some of the most influential games in history. They had their ups and downs, but got better with time and now serve as the locomotive of open-world action with great story and setting.

Far Cry 4 is a perfect example of what makes these games so good. It has a wonderful and fresh setting: a small mountain county in the Himalayas. This open up countless opportunities for a player to explore exotic territories, and those territories are modeled and designed beautifully. The game's graphic engine provides us with crystal clear gorgeous visuals, helped by the designers who put tremendous efforts into developing the environment in such a way it almost looks like a tourist attraction for mountain resorts. Wildlife, vegetation and rocks all look strikingly real. Human models are a bit more simple, and there are clunky animations here and there, but it does not break the magic that is the world of any good Far Cry.

Gameplay delivers as well. As always, the core of the game is exploration and, when you discover something, gunplay. And explosions. Lots and lots of explosions. Far Cry games have always been famous for their enticing shooting mechanics, and Far Cry 4 is no exception. There is a huge arsenal of weapons, tough enemy AI and fluid movement and animation for you to feel the thrill of a combat. Open-world mechanics like vehicle driving, rock-climbing or air-gliding make your little war all the more spectacular.

Story mode has gone a long way since the original Far Cry. Now it's not something rudimentary and cheesy, but an attempt at actual drama and moral tale, with a bit of eccentric violent humor introduced in Far Cry 3. You play as a young man who is forced to lead the resistance movement against a dictator who is the most interesting character in the story. The storyline has its twists and turns, revelation and shocking moments, so if you are not a fan of freeplay, you can still enjoy the game.

Good story, solid gameplay and beautiful visuals make far Cry 4 another milestone in the action genre enjoying appreciation well-deserved.

James Lynch
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  • Wonderful gameplay
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Enticing story


  • Open-world can become boring very quickly
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